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Parenting the Struggling Kids

One of the major facts of life is that talent is unevenly distributed. And when it comes to family life, this statement is as true as the rising sun. Talent distribution among siblings is never even.

Most of the times, it is found that one child in the family turns out to be more than talented. That child excels at everything, whether it is the schoolwork, sports or any other activity.

Nevertheless, there is a fair chance that you may have another child who lacks in all the abilities the talented kid possesses. Such children often struggle with finding a breakthrough in order to start moving towards the success.

It could be very easy to parent the talented kid because everything would get done automatically there. However, parents find it pretty challenging to bring the other distracted child on the course. This is the reason that such children often deliver heart-breaking results even at the mediocre level at school.

It can be hard to admit but this turns out to be the fact most of the times that such children rarely manage to reach the level of their sibling who enjoys glory and appreciation from friends and family.

In that scenario, the parents need to be very realistic about their approach. Hence, they need to keep expectations in line with the ability of their child. Below, we are going to discuss some ideas to parent the kids who are naturally not much talented in getting results at school and other areas.

  • Research shows that people who believe in getting things done with the help of efforts are the ones who can make things happen eventually. If you are parent of such a kid who lacks the ability to show performance at school level, this challenge can as exciting as much as you consider it difficult. The fact is that their mind is programmable more than the other children who naturally tend to achieve things on their own.

  • The struggling children are often the ones who can work really hard when they are motivated. All you need to do is to cheer for them when you see them making efforts to get things done. You can also make the small successes look magnified to encourage them.
  • One thing that you will need to strictly avoid is to compare those low-performing kids with their better-performing siblings. Although it may look pretty difficult to praise them when they do not achieve something big, you can still encourage them by praising their efforts and involing them into games such asĀ ride on cars.
  • The characteristic of being persistent is the best thing that any person can have. So, you need to make sure that your struggling child stays enthusiastic about showing persistence.
  • One thing that every parent should keep in mind is that every child is talented. The talent that we want to see in our kids is usually related to the performance in school. So, parents should look beyond this basic definition of talent in order to identify the real talent of the struggling kid. You never know if the natural talent in the struggling kid turns out to be the really amazing one.