Payment by check instructions

To provide our low prices, we must keep our cost low. Therefore, we prefer clients pay by PayPal since this method of processing is automated and limits personnel involvement. However, we understand that some people do not want to pay online, so we have provided for payment by check.

To offset the costs involved in processing checks (depositing and manual recording of payments), any check will require a minimum check amount of $30 which consists of a $10.00 handling fee and $20.00 minimum payment. These costs are per listing. If you have multiple listings and want to pay for multiple listings with one check, you must multiply these charges by the number of listings (payment will be applied in equal amount to each listing). For example, to pay for 2 listings by one check you must send a check for a minimum of $60 which consists of a $20 (2 x $10.00) handling fee and $40 (2 x $20.00) minimum payment.

To pay by check
Make checks payable to
(be sure to put your listing #(s) on the check memo line)

Mail checks to
10221 Gloucester Rd.
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241 USA

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